Innovative Schools 2019 Winner

Haileybury’s innovative teaching programs and intensive staff development efforts have won several education awards.

Haileybury was recognised four times at The Educator’s 2019 Australian Education Awards. The awards included Australian School Principal of the Year, School Principal of the Year—Non-Government, Department Head of the Year and Professional Learning Program of the Year.

Most recently, Haileybury made The Educator’s fifth annual Australian Innovative Schools list. Schools are recognised for being “at the cutting edge of change and innovation in Australia”.

Among other things, Haileybury was listed for a new teacher professional development program called the Haileybury Microcredential in Agile Learning Design.

The microcredential helps teachers to develop insights into the philosophy of Agile—a methodology originally created for use in software design—and apply it to the design and delivery of learning materials and professional practice.

Agile enables teachers to develop better courses more quickly by selectively using a set of tools, such as Minimum Viable Products (early working prototypes) and practices such as ‘sprints’ (short periods of work).

These tools and practices have been documented to work very well in software development and are now being applied to other industries. As Haileybury refines and develops the microcredential, the School will offer it to selected educators nationally and internationally.

Haileybury’s submission also outlined efforts to build digital capability by developing HaileyburyX, an online learning platform available to students from ELC to Year 12, at any time and anywhere. Our aim is to have a suite of courses available in online-only format.

These would include co-curricular courses, courses replacing elements of our curriculum where we can demonstrate better learning outcomes for our students, and ‘XGlobal’ courses available to any learner, inside or outside of the Haileybury student community.

This will allow Haileybury to engage with more learners in and beyond our core demographics and markets.

To help us achieve this, we have appointed a technology and learning expert, Mr Peter Thomas, to head the project. Mr Thomas has a strong insight into the global ‘edtech’ market, new technologies and how they relate to the school context.

As we build HaileyburyX for a global audience of learners, we are also appointing a global advisory board of technology leaders to advise on our strategy as we develop the project.