Dev's Junior MasterChef Journey

Congratulations to Year 8 City student, Dev Mishra on his selection in the top 14 competitors for the upcoming Season 3 of Junior MasterChef.

At the age of 13, Dev is an accomplished cook whose love of food has grown from the family kitchen, and taken inspiration from the best chefs in the world.

Dev’s first love is making curries, but he has developed into a great all-rounder, also loving Italian, Asian and Mexican cuisine and making technical desserts inspired by Heston Blumenthal.

Taught to cook by his mum, Dev recalls her letting him help with small tasks in the kitchen when he was very young, explaining cooking processes and introducing him to different flavours.

Having joined the competition to show off his passion for cooking, Dev is looking forward to learning from the experience and growing as a cook. He’s also excited to meet others with a shared passion.

It’s Dev’s dream to one day have his own restaurant which he says would be full of authentic flavours from across the world.

In any spare time not spent experimenting in the kitchen, Dev plays tennis and learns classical guitar, and enjoys hanging out with younger brother Sydh, 11.

Take a look at Dev's debut where he wowed the judges!

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