Micro:Bit Evolution

Haileybury students are among the first in Australia to receive Micro:bit devices as part of the Computing and Digital Technologies Program.

Damien Meunier, Head of Computing & Digital Technologies at Haileybury said “The BBC Micro:bit has proven to be a 'game changer' in engaging both girls and boys with coding, STEM and unleashing their creativity in ways never before possible.  

The BBC Micro:bit is a small codable computer that allows students to use their creativity and problem solving skills to produce new and innovative solutions.

With over 1,000 Micro:bits across Haileybury's campuses, students in Years 5 to 7 have been using block code editors and the Micropython scripting language to create a number of innovative solutions in areas including entertainment, health and fitness, security and navigation.

Students, in a very short period of time, have participated in a school wide competition called the ‘Micro:bit Challenge’ where they have created a range of inventions including smart toys, smart watches, smart music instruments, digital games, alarms and number of other smart gadgets.”  

To celebrate the outstanding work done by students we are bringing the best finished products together in an event at the Haileybury City campus. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work to a panel of judges who will award prizes to the best solutions developed across a range of categories. Students will be recognised for their innovation, creativity and problem solving skills.

Damien said “This event undoubtedly will inspire and encourage a new generation of young coders in Australia to embrace new and emerging technologies and to create their own future.”