Inspire Play, Inspire Learing

Inspiration begins with our staff. The excellent programs offered at Haileybury are directly linked to an enthusiastic and committed team of early childhood professionals. They are educators who listen to and engage with children to create a learning space that reflects each child’s interests and spontaneous need for discovery. There is a clear focus on curriculum and pedagogy at Haileybury.

In the ELC, this curriculum is firmly imbedded in a play-based approach, where play is viewed as essential for a child’s natural development. Our four centres are built around a welcoming learning environment with an effective, carefully planned curriculum that reflects children’s individual needs and interests.

The learning environment is designed to encourage inquiry, include materials that intrigue and engage children and allow for periods of intentional teaching. Educators share a child’s genuine interest in learning, offer encouragement, clarify ideas and ask open-ended questions.

A sense of community is important for a successful program. Connections between home and school are warmly encouraged. Interactions with parents and caregivers through events, informal discussions and interviews are very important for genuine relationships to be formed. Parents and educators work together to ensure children have a wonderful early childhood education, where learning is personalised and established outcomes are attainable.

Haileybury supports the ongoing education of staff through professional development sessions and regional, national and international conferences. These opportunities allow teaching staff to be aware of current Early Childhood theory and practice, and to collaborate with other professionals through meaningful discussions and presentations.

Haileybury continues to strive for a strong educational Early Childhood Program that utilises the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, theoretical views, quality standards and principles considered best practice for children aged three to five.