International Women's Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, Haileybury students across all campuses took part in celebrations and discussions about what this day means to them.

The students shared stories about the women who inspire them and the qualities they posses. These qualities included bravery, strength, resilience and compassion – all things that our Haileybury girls and boys show each and every day.

It is wonderful to celebrate days such as this and remind each other of the importance of the School’s running theme ‘RESPECT’.

Inspired by the theme, the Junior and Middle School students of Castlefield created a giant formation of the word ‘RESPECT’ on the oval. The students held up their posters featuring an inspiring woman and stood together for this unforgettable moment.

What a moving experience for all the staff and students involved. We hope these discussions continue throughout the year.

Happy International Women’s Day from the Haileybury Community!