Legally Blonde the Musical!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Legally Blonde on a fantastic season of performances! The team produced a hilarious and heartwarming Senior School Musical which was met with rave reviews.

Olivia Mok as Elle Woods (Year 12)

Lead actors Olivia Mok (Year 12), Beau Woodbridge (Year 12)  and Emma Pietersz (Year 11) were outstanding and wonderfully supported by an exceptional cast of performers.

Captains of Drama, Josh Connell (Year 12) and Jasmine Diamantaras (Year 12) were captivating as Callahan and Brooke Wyndam. The musical had over 25 featured roles, with some doubling, and each and every actor delivered with energy and understanding.

Beau Woodbridge (Year 12) as Emmett with Legally Blonde cast

The cast were well supported by our band of staff and professionals.

The show has been recognised as a benchmark production for the quality and scale of the show. The innovation of an LED screen created a virtual backdrop that changed from scene to scene. Year 11 student, Thomas Vulcan, is to be congratulated for his work on images and lighting for the show.

Thank you to those who came to see the show and support our hardworking students and staff.