Technology in Education

Today’s children are digital natives, having grown up with the internet and social media. How schools and families deal with this is crucial.

While basic skills such as Numeracy and Literacy remain important, students must also develop the capabilities needed to equip them for evolving workplaces and jobs that could change by the time they graduate.

They must also learn to navigate the digital world with the same ethics and safety considerations as any other community setting. At Haileybury, technology is integrated into learning programs from a young age.

Junior School students use iPads and interactive whiteboards, with various apps used as learning tools. During Computer and Digital Technology (CDT) lessons they are exposed to different coding programs, and tools such as Skype allow them to interact with others globally.

Schools with a systematic approach to integrating technologies such as these into their learning environments are more likely to accomplish greater learning outcomes. They also have a well-thought-out vision for their learning objectives.

Living Good Digital Lives

As they navigate the online world, it is important for children to become good digital citizens. This involves demonstrating responsibility, good values and respect while behaving ethically.

A good digital citizen is aware of the need to stay safe online, such as keeping their personal information and passwords secure, while helping to keep others safe. They engage civilly, act responsibly, respect others’ privacy and think critically.

Modelling strong values at home and school can help children become good digital citizens and keep them safe.

From a young age, children also need significant adults they can talk to about what they are doing online, how to do it safely, the risks involved, and strategies needed to deal with issues such as bullying.

Building resilience and skills such as empathy and thoughtfulness are a big part of this. A wide range of resources is available for parents interested in cyber safety and good digital citizenship. Several are listed below.

Cyber Safety Resources

Victorian Department of Education and training cyber safety resources

Victorian Department of Education and Training cyber safety fact sheets

Office of the eSafety Commissioner

eSafety Parent Resources

ThinkUKnow online advice