Managing Wellbeing with Online Schooling - Junior School

Junior School

Our Junior School students have shown incredible resilience during the transition to virtual classrooms. To help maintain our students’ wellbeing during this period, our School Psychologist has provided some helpful tips to manage their new environment.

Routines are amazing!

Keeping to a normal routine where possible helps manage emotions and stress in young children which can manifest as naughtiness or up-and-down emotions. Try to keep the normal timings with children getting up and having breakfast and dressing in their school clothing ready to start the school day - the only thing they should miss is the drive to school in heaps of traffic!

Keeping to the normal recess and lunch times will keep their body clocks on track!

Seek out social opportunities

For younger children, part of their learning at school involves cooperation, turn taking, and learning appropriate social cues.

Get creative about how to offer your children these opportunities in the home context. Who would have thought that playing board games like Monopoly and card games like Uno might become part of your social curriculum!

Balance play and screen time

A normal day in the Junior School involves a great deal of play as well as classwork and concentration.

Spending the day in online learning will create fatigue in a different way for your child, so make sure that any downtime during the school day is spent with non-screen activities and as much physical play as possible.

Happy Talk

Your child is used to attention, support and conversation which is focused on their learning throughout the school day.

When your child is not receiving online tuition, make sure that they are not watching television or social media reports which are sensationalist and frightening.

Contact your Head of Campus, Head of School or School Psychologist via email or phone for further advice or support.