NASA Space Camp

A group of 53 students and staff from four Haileybury campuses travelled to the USA over the term break to attend the NASA Space Camp!

The group spent two weeks traveling through the States and learning from some of the most accomplished astronauts and space specialists in the world.  

Coding, physics lessons and rocket simulations made up most of the theoretical component but the students also had plenty of opportunities to apply their new found knowledge in practical ways outside of the space centre. The group spent a day at Universal Studios in Florida studying the physics of roller coasters - and enjoying a few rides!

One of the group's favourite activities was iFly, an indoor skydiving activity where the students learned about the physics of freefalling, gravity and weightlessness and then experience it for themselves.

The students met with Winston Scott who was a Mission Specialist – Flight Engineer on the Space Shuttle Endeavour and Space Shuttle Columbia. His work paved the way for the construction of the International Space Station.

Several other NASA astronauts at the Kennedy Space Centre who flew on board the Space Shuttle all shared their wisdom with our students, particularly the message that regardless of your personal attainment of excellence, no team means no ride into space.

‘There is no I in team’ is a common saying in Australia. The American equivalent is, ‘failure is not an option’. As two cultures collided it became clear that the two sayings needed to co-exist. In fact, after three days of astronaut training, the skillsets most needed in every simulation, challenge and scenario were teamwork and communication.

There were many highlights, hilarious moments and wonderful learning opportunities on this STEM tour. We are indeed fortunate to be able to experience the space industry firsthand.