Natural Learners

Haileybury students are, literally, natural learners. From the start, our Reception and Pre-Prep children are encouraged to explore the outdoor environment on campus and during nature-based incursions and excursions.

All senses become engaged when children interact with the natural world. To observe nature requires patience and quiet watchfulness, instilling a sense of beauty and calmness. It is important for children to connect with nature as much as possible and experience it firsthand to really appreciate the world in which we live.

All Haileybury campuses offer nature-based education from Reception and Pre-Prep onwards. Activities such as observing local plants and wildlife help them to learn scientific principles and the importance of protecting our environment.

The Importance of Nurturing Nature

At Castlefield campus, it has been lovely to see the children enjoy our outdoor areas in the warmer weather. The ELC playground is an extension of classroom activities, with many wonderful happenings, discoveries and learnings. Vegetable gardens are nurtured and sunflower seeds planted.

The children are keeping an eye on how full our rain-water tank is, to ensure that there is enough for water play. They have been discovering many mini beasts in the garden, finding and exploring ladybugs and the life cycle of the monarch butterfly through observation, research, story, song and drama.

Ladybugs and monarch chrysalises have been presented in the classroom for observation and discovery. The changes will be noted, and the children’s thoughts and knowledge shared as they grasp the concept of metamorphosis and the wonder of nature.

Castlefield Prep children also enjoyed a glorious day at the Royal Melbourne Zoo to explore their Inquiry unit a little further. They wandered the beautiful gardens, observed the animals and had a lesson in the outdoor classroom.

It’s a Bug’s Life at our ELC Hotel

Educator Ms Gianna Haines inspired City ELC with an exciting new ‘Bug Hotel’ project. The manmade structure provides shelter for many types of insects on the ELC Terrace.

The Bug Hotel attracts beneficial bugs and insects to the City campus garden and allows children to research insect life cycles, habitats and food chains. Hands-on learning opportunities such as this support our philosophy and nurture the inquisitive minds of four to five-year-olds.

The children researched, drew and collaborated on the final design before the Barned family kindly built it for us.