Supporting Social Justice

As part of the Haileybury Newlands Social Justice Program, Middle School students have donated and collected quality goods through a charity drive for Mums Supporting Families In Need (MSFIN).

MSFIN is a fully-volunteer run organisation, providing quality material aid to struggling Victorian families in partnership with community support and welfare organisations. MSFIN services over 60 agencies from their Seaford warehouse.

An overwhelming response from the Haileybury community culminated in over 8,000 items of clothing, food products and oral care products being donated.

Mr Brent Ritchie visited the MSFIN warehouse on Friday, 8 June to deliver the goods with the Newlands Student Executive Team.

Students sorted toys, organised nappies, stacked food, created pamper packages and arranged children’s gifts. The students also gained an understanding of how a charity operates, the challenges they face and the people they assist through being involved in scenario based learning and by chatting to the other volunteers.

“We learned that there is a distinct difference from donating anything in your cupboards to donating things that will actually be of use. It was surprising to learn that the major cost for MSFIN was disposing of unusable donated items.” – Jordan, Year 8.

This was a wonderful experience for all involved and Haileybury Newlands is proud to work with such a worthwhile organisation.