Re-Arisen Triumph!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Macbeth Re-Arisen on a spectacular opening night!

After a long rehearsal period, the cast and crew produced a fantastic Senior School Play with a complexity that has not been seen before at Haileybury.

Macbeth Re-Arisen begins at the end of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with the main character finding himself headless but alive. What follows is a zombie apocalypse with hordes of undead seeking revenge on behalf of the Macbeths. The play combined comedy and horror, which is not often seen in a theatrical setting.

The cast and crew used special effects make up, props and light design to create different worlds for the characters.

However, the audience was introduced to those worlds before the show began with a walk through a hallway leading to the underworld! On the way to their seats they were confronted by witches and eerie sound effects that set the scene for the dark play.

The cast was lead by Boys Captain of Drama James Greaves (Year 12), as the undead ‘Macbeth’, along side Joshua Connell (Year 11) as his nemesis ‘Macduff’. Their fantastic performances were supported by the hilarious characters ‘No Toes’ and ‘Lady Macbeth’, played by Year 12 students Sophie Fyfe and Grace Laing.

Congratulations to all those involved and a special thank you to Director, Ms Nicole Smith for all her hard work.

Photos by Pia Johnson