The thumping of a heartbeat. The creek of a door. The howl of the bitter wind. As Edgar Allan Poe lies raving mad in the flickering darkness, the spectres of his stories rise up to haunt him.

Drawing from an eclectic range of theatrical mediums such as puppetry, shadow and physical theatre, Haileybury’s Year 10 students brought to life this vivid theatrical adaptation of some of Edgar Allen Poe’s best-known work.

Poe is one of the School's most innovative productions to date, re-imagining the last few hours of Edgar Allan Poe's life.

This complex piece of original theatre was developed by Mr Ben Giraud, and re-imagined the famous stories of acclaimed writer Edgar Allen Poe.

The play integrated many different mediums to help tell the central story of the Tell-Tale Heart, one of Poe’s most famous pieces.  

More than 20 students from all Melbourne campuses came together to bring this story to life through a mixture of puppetry, shadow, physical theatre, live music and film.

Many interesting sets, props and costumes were created to capture the 19th century Gothic tone of Edgar Allan Poe’s world. Puppetry was also featured in Poe, creating a very effective cameo from the The Cat, which seemed to take on a life of its own in the puppeteers’ hands.

Congratulations to all our actors, musicians and crew on another wonderful celebration of Haileybury Arts!