Powerful VCE Drama Ensemble Performance

One of the great positives to come out of the COVID-19 experience has been the resilience and adaptability of our students and staff. This applies to our very youngest students right through to our Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) cohort which has taken the difficult circumstances and made them work.

It has been particularly problematic in the Performing Arts with the requirement of social distancing and the maintenance of separate campuses (Keysborough Campus, Brighton Campus, Berwick Campus, City Campus), but here we are, coming out of the shutdown with most of our assessments completed and ready to take on the challenges of the second semester.

The Drama class presented and filmed its VCE ensemble in the gym to a small audience. It was pertinently entitled The Journey and, ironically, focused on the power of travel as a life-changing experience.

In this performance, people could still travel where they wanted to and faced cross-cultural challenges. How the world has changed.

Congratulations to our talents students on this achievement. They have displayed such dedication and perseverance this term and we could not be more proud.