Restart a Heart Day

Students at Haileybury's City campus celebrated Restart a Heart Day with a visit from Ambulance Victoria to raise awareness of cardio vascular disease and CPR training.

Restart a Heart Day is an initiative by Ambulance Victoria to help educate the broader community about cardiac arrest and the benefits of learning CPR training.

Each year level participated in workshops run by paramedics who explained the steps to follow in an emergency to help someone needing medical attention. 

When someone is in cardiac arrest these three simple steps can be used to increase survival rates before emergency services arrive:

1. Call - Call 000

2. Push - Start CPR

3. Shock - Use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

(AEDs are located in places you visit every day, including shopping centres, sporting clubs, gyms or even your workplace.)

It was great to see students across all year levels take on a new challenge and learn these lifesaving skills.

Click here for more information about CPR & AED awareness.