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Students Get a Different Perspective 

At Haileybury the Year 5 students are learning about people with disabilities through the Scope Program.

Scope is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to champion and support people with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities.

Scope organises education programs to change attitudes on how businesses and community organisations interact with people with a disability.

Earlier this month, Scope held an incursion where Lyn Rowe attended the School to share her story. Lyn has severe disabilities as a result of Thalidomide and has no arms or legs.

She shared her experiences with the Year 5 girls and boys about growing up with a disability, how she is strong and determined, and how to respect and speak to people who have a disability.  

Scope’s education programs aim to foster understanding and promote the importance of creating welcoming and inclusive communities for people living with a disability.

The program was introduced as part of the Year 5 Personal Excellence Program and helps the students have the following understandings:

  • The person is important, not the disability
  • The words we use convey values and judgments
  • Nonverbal language can be more important than verbal language
  • How can we support someone with a disability who is new to the school?

Some questions that the Year 5s focused on included:

  • How can having a disability make everyday life more challenging for some people?
  • How can we (individually, or as a class, or as a whole country) help to make sure that people with a disability are included?

If you’d like to find out further information, please visit the Scope website.

Lyn’s presentation to the Year 5 students.

Year 5 boys, Locklyn and Geoff, learning to communicate effectively to someone who is speech impaired.

Year 5 girls, Thivyaa and Tarika, learning to communicate effectively to someone who is speech impaired.