Celebrating Online Learning Success

Through challenge comes innovation.

This was certainly the case at Haileybury in 2020, when students and staff used online learning to thrive and innovate, finding new ways to stay connected and get things done.

Haileybury’s online learning program maintained our acclaimed academic program and set the benchmark for Australian learning.

Students, parents and teachers recalled how seamless the transition to online learning was and how everyone worked hard to maintained academic excellence.

“We found the transition to online learning to be completely seamless,” said Haileybury City parent Bryce Binnie.

“With the structure, care and attention to detail provided by the Haileybury teachers, after a couple of days it was like they’d been doing it for years.”

Haileybury Keysborough student Ned Davidson (Year 5) was a big fan of online learning.

“The highlight of online learning for me is homeroom because it includes many different varieties of activities including Move it Monday, Tuesday Tunes and much more,” he said.

Haileybury City teacher Ms Carolyn Mansour said teachers embraced the required creativity.

“The main benefit of online learning is that it’s really encouraged us to think differently about the way we do things, both within the classroom and also from a pastoral care perspective,” she said.

Classes were held via Zoom, ensuring face-to-face learning and important resources such as pastoral care adapted to online delivery.

Zoom breakout rooms enabled teachers to cater for individual learning styles and students to maintain and develop connections.

Students enjoyed exercise sessions, cooking classes and House trivia, and used their creativity to organise online assemblies, footy tipping, podcasts, and home-habit tips.

Staff developed many innovative ways of teaching and connecting, such as interactive Art and Music classes, the Haileybury Bike Challenge and the @Home with Haileybury online activity program.

Zoom Parent–Teacher Interviews proved to be convenient and a resounding success, while campus 'Cuppa and Conversations' offered families a chance to catch up digitally.

Haileybury CEO | Principal Mr Derek Scott says the School community did a stellar job adapting to home learning.

“Students and teachers alike wholeheartedly embraced it,” he says.

“They made the most of a tricky situation by studying and communicating in a range of effective ways.”

We thank our Haileybury community for their continued support and resilience throughout 2020. This is just the beginning of a great journey towards excellence in innovation.