Shrek the Musical Jr.

Edrington was thrilled to seeShrek the Musical Jr.staged so stunningly in the John Twist Hall across two sold out performances.  

The cast and crew dazzled the School community with striking costumes, colourful characters, a magnificent set and a fairy tale about an ogre finding friendship and love in the outskirts of Duloc.

Tessa Kerekes, Head of Performing Arts, Edrington said “By all accounts, our Middle School students involved can be incredibly proud of what they accomplished together.”

Over 90 Years 5 to 8 students had their talents showcased in what was a wonderful combination of singing, acting and dance.

Mrs Coral Rafferty had the students singing a great range of songs, including I’m a Believer by The Monkeys, in what was a splendid show-stopping final number.

Seasoned choreographer Amber Fyfe brought her usual spunky style of moving and grooving to the stage and the students had relished the opportunity to be part of various ensembles in their own special characters.

Our main characters all demonstrated admirable conviction as these entertaining principal characters.

Year 8 Storytellers were unfailingly captivating in role, telling us the tale with a sense of wonder and energy. As for the many Fairy Tale, Dulocian and Woodland Creature characters featured throughout the show, there were so many who we found engaging and fun to watch.

The strong Set Production crew of 30 members worked hard behind the scenes to create our fabulous large scale set which looked superb and was moved continuously by our 11 Backstage Crew.

Tessa said “It was a slick show and transitions were indeed impressive. Cast, crew and the Production Team staff shared in this wonderful collaboration to ensure the success of the show.”

We congratulate all involved and look forward to the next Edrington production.