Snap a 'Cellfie' in Science!

Middle School Biologists 

Albert Einstein once said that “the greatest scientists are artists as well”.

Building upon their previous lessons, our Year 8 Science students have been progressively creating animal cell posters, adding new and unfamiliar organelles each lesson. Students used direct teaching, iPad applications and videos to scaffold them through the process.

This proved a great method of taking small bits of information and combining them into more meaningful, and therefore more memorable summaries.

Here are the finished "cellfies"!

Max McTier (Year 8) displays his Eukaryotic cell poster

Locklyn Luu (Year 8) shows his plant cell poster

Kai Chrystie (Year 8) shows his plant cell poster

Matter Matters

During their online science classes, the Year 5 students demonstrated what solid, liquid and gas particles looked like using play-dough! The students have been learning all about matter and its different forms.

Lachlan couldn’t wait to share his new knowledge with his younger brother and use the materials for his own demonstration!