Creative Sports Education

To enhance Haileybury’s educational program, our Sport teachers and coaches are providing digital resources to promote health and wellbeing, connect students with their Sport teams and provide video tutorials to enhance overall wellbeing during these times.

Haileybury’s Head of Sport, Mr Sean Allcock, has been busy in the kitchen delivering nutritious cooking tutorials for his students. Are you eating your brain food? Try out one of these healthy recipes for yourself!

Students are also participating in structured timetabled sessions for their chosen sport. Folders are set up on Canvas for each sport and students can access them when needed. Staff access the folders to make announcements, update resources and most importantly provide structured sessions for all students.

In addition to Sport education, specific Strength and Conditioning activities have been created on Canvas for staff and students, curated by Mr Michael Odachowski. The folder contains a host of activities that include warm up, warm down, injury prevention exercises and more.

Go team!