STEM Week sees Haileybury students gain insights into the fast-evolving world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—while enjoying a range of fun activities.

Shining a light on the importance of STEM underlines its crucial role in education and society, and the need to encourage students of all genders to study and embrace science-based subjects and endeavours.

Haileybury’s celebrations drew inspiration from National Science Week, which saw some 2,070 events registered around Australia in 2019.

This year’s theme was Destination Moon: more missions, more science, in celebration of 50 years since humans landed on our nearest planetary neighbour.

Senior School ran a range of STEM-related activities, especially during lunchtimes. The idea was to create a sense of excitement about the fields of Science and Mathematics.

Our teachers had a blast, kicking things off by serving up liquid nitrogen ice cream in the canteen at lunchtime to our City students.

Years 5 and 6 students created giant bubbles, learning about the science behind bubble formation and trying to form a metre-high monster.

At Newlands campus, students celebrated their achievements in Science, Computer & Design Technologies, Mathematics and elective subjects.

A series of fun and engaging activities was held each lunchtime—from making a model of the Solar System to using pi to measure the size of the shadow that falls on the Earth during a total solar eclipse.

A highlight was the Years 7 and 8 Sport Hall Drone Obstacle Course Challenge. Students had three minutes to pass as many obstacles as they could while flying a Parrot Mambo mini-drone.

Castlefield Junior School students took their knowledge and love of Maths and Science outside the classroom with special activities planned at recess and lunch.

Students made, flew and measured the distance of their paper aeroplanes, joined a mathematical scavenger hunt and participated in some amazing science experiments. It was great to see their analytical thinking develop and passions ignite!

Meanwhile, Edrington’s Tournament of Minds team won the Honours Prize at the Metro Central Regionals.

Year 5 students Isabelle Tomah, Sophie Pietersz, Vedant Gupta and Year 6 students Emily Colligan, Ryan Dang, Thanya Gallella and Gunnar Sidhu collaborated on the Primary  STEM  Long Term Challenge.

They designed and built a rotating carousel machine to collect and store DNA from endangered species, placing in the top 15 per cent.

The fun-filled week demonstrated how many Haileybury students have embraced STEM subjects and concepts.