Students Thrive in Online Learning

Haileybury staff and students have embraced the School’s transition to online learning at home during the COVID-19 situation.

Haileybury staff and students are not foreign to the world of online learning with the School being heavily active in the online space for many years. This gave students a solid foundation for a seamless transition to complete virtual classrooms.

Students are thriving in their new learning environments, which successfully commenced on Monday, 23 March.

Haileybury's executive staff, IT teams, support staff and teachers have been planning for the possibility of online learning for over a month and in the weeks leading up to the transition actively engaged parents to ensure a successful transition.

All students have been set up to attend virtual classrooms, access their required course materials and interact with teachers and classmates.

Haileybury's CEO | Principal, Mr Derek Scott says, "Haileybury’s teachers and support staff worked incredibly hard to ensure that students were ready to begin a comprehensive online learning program this week.”

“Students and teachers alike have wholeheartedly embraced it. They are making the most of a tricky situation by studying and communicating in a range of effective ways.”

Zooming Ahead

Head of City Campus, Mrs Caroline Merrick, is full of praise for staff, students and families who have quickly adapted to Zoom video meetings and learning online.

“They have soared like eagles this term and I could not be prouder,” she says.

One Zoom meeting involved 153 Middle School families and another 88 Junior School families.

“It was the largest Haileybury Zoom classroom we have ever run,” she says.

Our Haileybury parent community has been incredibly supportive throughout the process and we thank them for their patience and encouragement:

“What a really impressive roll out in a timely manner to move forward with as little disruption as possible in a time that is utterly unprecedented. Well done and take care!”

“Wow! That was an impressive effort. Nothing like being on the front foot for reassuring parents and expanding their understanding of this ‘new’ way of learning."

Engaging Our Youngest Haileyburians

Even the Preps are enjoying video learning programs such as Jolly Phonics.

Deputy Principal (Junior School) Mr Grenville Green says “students appear actively engaged in their virtual Literacy classes and our homeroom teachers are doing an amazing job with their first of two 90-minute Zooms of the day."

Opportunities to Up Skill 

To help support students during this period, the School’s online learning innovation, HaileyburyX, launched a new online program called LEVELUP!

This new online handbook covers key skills and knowledge that students can use to navigate the new learning environment using platforms such as Zoom video conferencing.

Learning Must Continue

Thanks to the teachers' brilliant delivery of programs, they are ensuring that Haileybury uploads its motto of "every student matters every day."

Dr Stephan Muller, Deputy Principal (Staff Development & International), says Haileybury staff and students were well prepared for remote teaching and learning.

“Learning must continue,” he says. “And it will, because of our amazing teachers and corporate services staff working together to make it happen, as they always do.”

The School plans to recommence face-to-face teaching for Term 2 from Wednesday, 15 April – depending upon Federal and State Government advice. We will continue to update our Haileybury community via the website and the myHaileybury app.

Contact Haileybury for enrolment enquiries in our Early learning centre, Junior School, Middle School, Pre-Senior School, Senior School and also International.