Students Return to the Stage

The creativity and resilience of Haileybury’s performers and artists is again on full display as they return to what they do best.

Our School has long had a thriving Arts scene, so it was wonderful to see our performers back on stage with an appreciative audience of families, staff, and fellow students.

The tight-knit Haileybury community was thrilled to see our talented and enthusiastic Year 10 students perform The Snow Dragons recently. The play offered exciting twists as the plot unfolded, captivating audience members as they learned more about the characters’ stories.

Cast and crew took two packed houses on an emotional rollercoaster ride as they revelled in experiencing a live performance. As the pressure rose leading up to the inevitable ending, our performers handled the final scenes with exceptional maturity and sensitivity.

Led by Mr Ben Giraud, the production was supported by a fabulous range of costumes, sound effects and lighting, topped off by a stunning set of giant trees reaching to the ceiling of Aikman Hall. It was an outstanding success.

The Snow Dragons enabled a triumphant return to live performances and reunited the School community after many months of meeting online. It also showcased the School’s extensive and high-quality Performing Arts Program.

Record Attendance for Twilight Concert

Haileybury’s Twilight Concert surpassed all expectations as the School’s first major public concert since 2019.

Fittingly, our biggest and best twilight program drew a record audience of more than 250 from the Haileybury community. Our 200 musicians inspired with their talent and were, in turn, inspired by the overwhelming support.

The pandemic shut down large public gatherings a week before the 2020 Twilight Concert. A year later, it was heartening to see such strong support for our talented young performers.

The success of this event highlighted the strength of Haileybury’s community as staff, students and families combined to support the development of our exceptional performers. All our concerts are special, but this one was even more memorable.

The next major music concert at Senior School will be the Concerto Concert held in Aikman Hall on 27 May from 7.30 – 9.00 pm, featuring some of the School’s finest musicians. The Concerto Concert will be open to the public to attend. Check the Haileybury website closer to event for further details.

Rehearsals in Full Swing for Leader of the Pack

Our attention now turns to the Senior School musical, Leader of the Pack, which will run from 5 – 7 May in Aikman Hall, Keysborough. The musical celebrates the music of the life of Ellie Greenwich, who wrote such hits as Be My Baby, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Chapel of Love, I Can Hear Music and River Deep, Mountain High.

Students and staff are revelling in the opportunity to rehearse together and have embraced the show’s many upbeat and memorable songs. They are excited and nervous, but very much looking forward to performing live.

“We’re a bit out of practice given it’s so long since we faced the sort of pressure a production brings,” says one student. “At the same time, it’s refreshing to be doing something different.”

Another says school is more enjoyable with these opportunities. “It brings students together from the other campuses and you make new friendships that last,” the student says. “It also helps us academically. Sharpens you up. Gives you a goal.

“It made me more enthusiastic about other classes. Friends who came along to watch also enjoyed seeing us in action.”

Tickets go on sale Monday, 12 April, check the Haileybury website for further details.