The Educator Hot List 2018

Haileybury’s own Anna Cross has been selected for The Educator’s 2018 Hot List.

As Haileybury’s Deputy Principal of Middle School, Anna joins the ranks of Australia’s most innovative and dedicated education professionals.

This prestigious list showcases the outstanding work and research being developed to ensure students gain high quality educational experiences.

Anna has been developing a new program for Haileybury’s Middle School which will develop students’ ‘enterprising’ and ‘work smart’ skills – both critical in supporting modern student needs.

Workplaces are evolving, with research showing that today’s 15-year-olds may have 17
different jobs over five careers. Anna believes that as a society we are not adequately
preparing our children for this fundamental shift.

In her quest to develop the world’s best Middle School program, Anna has spent hundreds of hours researching models based on the future of work. She is collaborating with top middle schools globally to ensure the program aligns with Haileybury’s vision to be a ‘great world school’.

She also aims to embed a culture of continuous improvement in which research, innovation and creativity are valued.

“By embedding a culture of continuous improvement, in which research, innovation and

creativity are valued by all, it is my hope to design and deliver programs that are marketable beyond the walls of this great school,” Anna says. 

Anna is completing her MBA, has a Masters of Education from The University of Melbourne and studied at the Harvard School of Education. She knows that it is vital to base her
programs on solid research, but she will never lose sight of the importance of holistic
programs based on building strong relationships.

“Building and maintaining relationships with all members of the school community is at the forefront of my philosophy,” Anna says. “I am motivated by the belief that education has the power to make a difference, not only to those we teach but for society as a whole.”