Unique At-Home Activities

Learning has never been more fun! Haileybury students have shown incredible adaptability and creativity during online learning and have enjoyed a range of unique at–home activities!

Homes have been transformed into restaurants, science labs, theatres and more for interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Here’s a look at what they have been up to and how you can join in at home!


Science classes have taken advantage of everyday ingredients to get students involved in hands-on experiments – some more messy than others!

Year 1 students followed the simple steps of mixing corn flour and water to learn about chemical reactions. This gooey combination made for many smiles (and a lot of cleaning up) and it was great to see students become so engaged in exploration.

Click here for more fun science experiments for your family to try at home.

Another science experiment brought out some healthy competition between the Year 7 students as they demonstrated Newton’s first law! To complete the experiment, the students had to build an ‘egg drop’ and find a way to get their egg to land in the water after removing the cardboard base – without a single crack!

All you need is eggs, a glass of water and some cardboard to test this at home!


At Haileybury, we have been hiding maths in our food, just like hiding vegies! During online classes at home, our students have been able to apply new knowledge to their favourite recipes.

Year 4 students have been working on measurement, carefully dividing their sugar, butter and chocolate for a delicious brownie treat! In just one simple activity, the students learned about measurement and fractions, following directions and gained confidence in the kitchen.

Why not have your little helper join in on a new recipe and build their maths skills too?

Arts and Crafts

Naturally, online learning involves a large amount of screen time. To help create more balance in the week, many students have been enjoying crafts to unwind from class and get their creativity flowing.

Although they can't visit art galleries at the moment, there is nothing stopping our students from bringing the galleries to them.

Inspired by the work of artist Helen Webb, Year 2 student Sanduka painted his own masterpiece to enter into the 'Heide at Home' Still Life Painting online competition run by the Heide Gallery in Bulleen. What a great example of having a growth mindset and embracing creativity!

There are many different outlets for students to explore during this period and we encourage everyone to find their inner artist.

For students who are more dramatically inclined, like our Year 7 Drama classes, a 'Sock Puppet Lip Sync' is the perfect afternoon activity!

Pick out some socks and popstar accessories to create your lip-syncing sock puppets. Once the puppets are ready, each friend or family member can take turns to perform their song of choice. These performances are sure to put a smile of everyone's face!

As schools continue with online learning, it is more important than ever that students, families and staff keep connections strong and minds switch on. Stay safe at home and have fun!