VCE Partnership Strengthens International Friendships

For the first time, students in Vietnam can complete the world-class Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) on campus. The program, due to start in September 2020, involves an innovative partnership between Haileybury and Albert Einstein School in Ho Chi Minh City.

It also builds upon Haileybury’s already strong relationship with Melbourne’s Vietnamese community, which shares the School’s entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit.

With international friendship and cooperation more important than ever, the partnership with Albert Einstein School (AES) was established in late 2018. A contract was signed in September 2019.

An acclaimed world school and Australia’s largest provider of transnational secondary education, Haileybury developed Melbourne’s first vertical CBD school, extensive operations across China and Haileybury Rendall School Darwin. It was also Australia’s first school to have students launch an experiment on to the International Space Station.

A Logical Next Step

Haileybury International VCE Program Director Mr Gary van den Elsen says that AES leaders were impressed by Haileybury’s mission to be a World School and its advanced operations in China, East Timor and the Philippines. He says Haileybury is extremely excited by the program’s potential.

“Vietnam represents a exciting step forward given its accelerating economy and extensive business and cultural links with Australia,” he says. “Haileybury enjoys a strong and important bond with Melbourne’s Vietnamese community and the resulting cultural insights now inform our relationship with AES.”

Albert Einstein School will deliver the VCE after Australian and Vietnamese authorities approved the partnership – the first time in either country that such approval has been granted. The program will offer students an exceptional education and opportunities linked to campuses in Australia and across Asia.

AES plans to phase the VCE in from September 2020 starting with Year 11 students, contingent on the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Vietnam. The curriculum, textbooks, assessment, and exams will be the same as in Melbourne.

“The VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) was also delighted to support this development whereby – as it had in China – Haileybury should pioneer the VCE in Vietnam,” Mr van den Elsen says.

"We look forward to supporting the delivery of the VCE at Albert Einstein School and visiting with teachers and students in the near future,” says Sharyn Doland, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Nurturing World Class Students

Vietnam is developing economically much like Singapore, Korea and China already have.

Mr van den Elsen says much of this derives from manufacturing and export industries, creating strong demand for a highly skilled workforce that can operate in Vietnamese and English throughout engineering, manufacturing, economics, banking, IT, finance and trade.

“The VCE provides a proven and first-rate pathway to university courses in Australia and throughout the world,” he says. “Haileybury has led the way and established the first VCE program in Vietnam and will remain open to further opportunities. We see a market for more programs in Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities in Vietnam.”

Australian School of the Year

Haileybury is an acclaimed world school based on remarkable academic results achieved through the successful parallel education model, outstanding teachers, small class sizes and an unmatched level of individual student attention.

Named Australian School of the Year at the 2018 Australian Education Awards, it has high expectations for its students and teachers and consistently ranks among Australia’s top performing primary and secondary schools.

At least 45% of Senior School students are expected to finish in the top 10% in Australia, 75% in the top 20% and 90% in the top 30%. This strong focus on core academic skills is complemented by an emphasis on broad analytical thinking ability and life skills.

Haileybury Principal | CEO Mr Derek Scott is excited about the potential for students and relationships between Australia and Vietnam.

“Haileybury offers a wide range of international engagement opportunities for students from Melbourne, including spending time at the Haileybury International School, Tianjin (China) or visiting partner schools in Timor Leste, The Philippines, Japan, France, the UK and the US,” he says.

“Our academic programs are enhanced by Haileybury’s commitment to a strong social education program that includes fulfilling potential, supporting individual resilience and the development of personal character values. I believe in the principles of social justice and am committed to the School developing our students accordingly.”