Managing Wellbeing with Online Schooling - Middle School

Middle School

Our Middle School students have shown incredible resilience during the transition to virtual classrooms. To help maintain our students’ wellbeing during this period, our School Psychologist has provided some helpful tips to manage their new environment.

Routines are amazing!

Keeping to a normal routine, where possible, helps manage stress in older children which can manifest as moodiness or non-compliance. Try to keep the normal timings with children getting up and having breakfast and dressing in their school clothing ready to start the school day - the only thing they should miss is the drive to school in heaps of traffic!

Keeping to the normal recess and lunch times will keep their body clocks on track!

Balance screen time and break time

A normal day in the Middle School involves a great deal of social breaks as well as classwork and concentration.

Spending the day in online learning will create fatigue in a different way for your child, so make sure that any downtime during the school day is spent with non-screen activities and as much physical play as possible.

Remember: it is common for this age group to relax using a screen which will be potentially ‘too much’ for one day. Talk with them about balance and what feels right for your family.

Boredom Busting

It is fair to say that the first few days of schooling online from home will be unique and seem quite fun. Pretty soon, the novelty will wear off and the inability to go to different places and engage freely in usual activities will start to be boring and frustrating.

Having a set space (not a bedroom) for completion of online work for the school day, and then having rest and social time in a different area will help cement the boundaries between work and play.

Since it is likely that everyone in the house will need to be working from home, making sure that everybody follows the rules about respectful use of space will help keep tempers from fraying.

Contact your Head of Campus, Head of School or School Psychologist via email or phone for further advice or support.