Working Together in ELC

2020 has certainly been a different year for our Haileybury community, with many changes to our usual routines.

One of the bright spots has been seeing how our youngest students have adapted to new routines and activities.

In the Brighton ELC, students and staff have been working together to implement increased safety measures against COVID-19 including temperature checks, social distancing during play and reading books about the virus.

Our great teachers have made sure these new protocols are fun and easier to understand for the children in Reception and Pre-Prep. While washing their hands, students strive to become a ‘soapy hero’ and help protect each other from germs with soap and water.

Smaller intentional teaching groups and smaller groups for snack times have also been introduced to maintain safe activity.

During Term 2, the Pre-Prep S possum group worked together to create art in response to the Reconciliation Week theme; "We are all in this Together”.

After reading the story "Whoever We Are" by Mem Fox, the group discussed how we are all different on the outside but we all share the same things on the inside.

The students then placed their handprints together to create a love heart shape to represent that we are all different but we all share love, kindness and care in the same way. A very important message for young people during these uncertain times.

Brighton’s ELC team have also been focusing on student engagement and the different learning experiences of children in the classroom.

The Echidna Room is a new initiative for Term 3 that is continuing to build on students’ sense of identity through ongoing echidna exploration including literature and observational drawing.

The students are also building relationships and a sense of belonging through the community wall, where they share names, drawings and other special things.

There are lots of things to look forward to this term. We are all looking forward to a term of learning, development and joy!