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Young Leader Conference

On Monday, 27 March, Anirudh Kathirvel (Year 7) took to the stage and inspired over 4,000 people at this year's Young Leaders Conference.

After his kind-hearted ‘Need a Seat? Ask Me!’ initiative in 2016, Anirudh was selected to help expose young minds to real life stories of leaders.

The topic Anirudh discussed was 'Together We Can'. This question and answer session focused on his initiative, why he started it, how he made it happen and the incredible impact it had on the community and what he's got to say to young minds like him.

Anirudh was very excited about the event, “It’s a great platform to share my journey and spread my message among the participants.”

Anirudh’s parents Prith and Sujatha said “he always wants to be good role model to his peers and believes you must ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’.”

As part of the Halogen program, the conference is designed to benefit any student who shows an interest in developing their leadership potential.